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Why Parents Choose Lollipop Tree Nursery School

"My daughter had the wonderful experience of attending Lollipop Tree Nursery School two years in a row. Her experiences in the 3 year old program and 4 year old program were second to none. One of my favorite aspects of Lollipop Tree Nursery School is the personal greetings every child receives in the morning by the Director, Jon and Assistant Director, Dianne. Right when you walk in the door they are present with a warm & welcoming greeting. It truly amazes me how they remember every single child’s name. This helped reinforce what we teach Gracie at home and it was great for her to see someone else doing the same thing."

"It was very important to our family to have diversity in the program curriculum as well as open communication between teacher and parent. Lollipop Tree exceeded our expectations! The school offers many wonderful enrichment programs. Our daughter participated in after school care as well as occasionally attending the Wizards science program after school. As a working parent, the program scheduling was very convenient and flexible. Something we needed to fit our lifestyle. We met many nice friends and always felt like family at Lollipop Tree! We enjoyed the past two years and feel like the school helped prepare our child socially, emotionally and educationally for kindergarten. I highly recommend Lollipop Tree Nursery School and will miss seeing all the friendly faces this upcoming school year."

-Melissa Braidich

"Thank you for providing such a warm and inviting environment for our boys to learn and grow. We had a wonderful experience at Lollipop Tree. The classroom teachers and aftercare teachers continually went the extra mile to make us feel so welcome. I am amazed at how much the boys learned and changed during their time at Lollipop Tree. The arts and crafts projects are so creative and always make for great wall art at home. We will definitely miss all of you!!!"
-Gretchen Peterson

"Dear Mr. Jon, I am writing to sincerely thank you, Diane, Ms. Drea and Ms. Yasmid for a wonderful year at Lollipop Tree. I remember anxiously coming to Lollipop Tree for the first time last summer hesitant to let Ben, our third son and two-year old baby boy, attend school. I felt that he needed some time away from home and more interaction with children his own age to help build his self-confidence and social skills, but worried about letting him go. We heard wonderful things about Lollipop Tree from many of our close friends who shared their enthusiasm and extreme satisfaction with the administrative staff, teachers and amazing programs. There are not many two-year old programs around and you surely have succeeded in creating an unforgettable, positive experience for these toddlers."

"Matt and I were instantly relieved and reassured after meeting you and Ms. Drea on our tour of the school and classroom early in July of 2011. We decided to go from the two-day program to the three-day program. Ms. Drea instantly made Ben feel safe, welcome and comfortable on that very first visit. He spent the rest of the summer excitedly talking about his teacher, Ms. Drea, and his new school. Ms. Yasmid and Ms. Drea dedicated themselves completely to understanding all the toddlers in the classroom and helped them make that difficult transition from home (for many of them being away from mom for the very first time) to classroom very easy and comfortable. They did it with grace, experience and sincere love."

"I was awed by the constant communication from the school and teachers, amazed at the programs and learning experiences created for this age group and impressed by the many resources (external and internal) used to enhance and support the program and learning objectives. I was completely overwhelmed by the devotion of Ms. Drea and Ms. Yasmid to their students and to the parents and I wish they could teach Ben every year going forward. We will miss them!"

"I will never forget my two year old telling me about his first experience with the K-9 police dog and his experience in the “police car with the lights.” He came home often carrying on and on about his teachers, his day, the songs he sang, performances he would have, friends he made, projects he worked on and the places he played. I loved the first time he came home singing his ABC’s out of the blue and told me that he learned them at school. Every day we grew more content with the school and our commitment to sending Ben to Lollipop Tree."

"I only wish we had known about your school sooner. I would have loved to send our two older boys to Lollipop Tree for preschool as well. Ben had a tremendous experience at Lollipop Tree. Living far away from the school, 35 minutes or so, it was worth every bit of the drive for us and most importantly, worth every minute for Ben. Thank you all for making Ben’s first year of school magical. Matt, Ben & I will never forget the Two’s Program and his teachers!"

Warmest regards,

-Tracy Yarde Smith

"Lollipop Tree Nursery School truly serves as a preparatory experience for elementary school, everything from the curriculum, to social interaction, to routine and expectation setting. The faculty and staff exceed expectations in their execution of a holistic strategy to educate our young ones. "
-Peter Holowesko, Parent

"There are so many reasons why I love Lollipop Tree Nursery School. Most importantly is the way my child has developed through the years. My son David has attended Preschool for 2 years and his personality and level of speaking has been improved dramatically. He has formed friendships and has a sense of independence that was created by the nurturing, focused care of his teachers and the leadership of the school."

"David will take away more than just a pre-school experience, he will take away a life long memory of friendships, knowledge of countries, cultures and interpersonal relationships. "
-Stephanie O'Connor, Parent

"Our family started Lollipop Tree Nursery School in September 2002 when our daughter was 23 months old. Our middle son also started in your 2 year old program and now our youngest son will be graduating in June 2010. (Sorry, no more kids)."

"We have had a wonderful experience at Lollipop Tree Nursery School over the last 8 years. Having our kids exposed to field trips, the art workshop in the 4's, and after school programs such as "Little Wizards" (math and science) and Spanish classes have clearly been bonuses to our children and enhanced the entire educational experience."

"We felt the daily curriculum, as well as the thoughtful, bright and calming teachers you have on your staff, made time spent at your school a very positive one for our children. We always took advantage of the many interactive child/parent events that took place throughout the year and especially enjoyed being a surprise guest-reader in the classroom."

"We certainly would recommend Lollipop Tree Nursery School and thank you for being part of our children's earliest school memories."
The Raisners

"I highly recommend Lollipop Tree Nursery School. My Son is going to be finishing up his 3rd year and we have had nothing but success, happiness and lots of fun and nurturing."

"I am thrilled that when he starts Kindergarten in the fall that he has a jump start on the curriculum. His skills in all areas has exceeded my expectations."

"We cannot thank the staff at Lollipop enough for giving our child the first school lessons of confidence, independence and trust in others to help guide him through the wonderful journey of many school years ahead!"
-The Beams

"My husband and I have been a part of the Lollipop Tree Nursery School family since 2001. We have had three children go through this wonderful program from the 2's to the 4's. Our youngest child, Spencer, is graduating this year. I feel so lucky to have been able to give all three "The Gift" of the Lollipop Tree Nursery School. My children have all honestly loved every year, every teacher and every experience the school had to offer them. Lollipop Tree Nursery School is like a family to us and they have treated our children as their own with kindness, respect and love. My two older daughters were extremely prepared for Kindergarten. Their Kindergarten teachers commented on their readiness both socially and academically. One of their elementary teachers even said, 'They can always tell a student who comes from Lollipop Tree Nursery School. Lollipop Tree Nursery School children are always so well prepared socially, emotionally and academically'."

"When researching preschools, we knew we wanted a safe, warm environment that concentrated on learning as well as play. A Preschool, that taught both social skills as well as ABC's. Lollipop Tree has given my kids plenty of both! It is a reality that children need to be more prepared than ever when entering Kindergarten. It was so amazing to me that each year, the teachers and staff knew exactly what each individual child needed and how to give it to them. Their patience and understanding is wonderful."

"I could go on and on! I will be very sad not walking into Lollipop Tree Nursery School everyday next Fall!"

Remy and Hy Schwartz

"The thing that I like most about Lollipop Tree Nursery School is that my children love to go to school."

"When my son first entered the school at age three, my goal was simply to develop his social skills. I could not have been more surprised and delighted with his progress. His vocal, social, and cognitive skills have developed tremendously through the wonderful programs and under the loving guidance of his teachers."

"My daughter was enrolled as soon as she was old enough, and a star was born! I applaud the teachers and directors at Lollipop Tree Nursery School for the great job that they do."

"My children have a lifetime of learning ahead of them. I'm confident their experience at Lollipop Tree Nursery School will prepare them to enter Kindergarten, and I am so grateful that their introduction to the concept of school has been so positive."
-Ronnie Palisi


"We are amazed at the growth and development our 2 year old has shown since he started at Lollipop Tree Nursery School. He counts, knows his colors, socializes with friends, and most importantly feels safe and secure with his amazing teachers. We're looking forward to watching him grow here and to sending our other children to Lollipop Tree Nursery School."
-Dr. Mark and Eveline Shekhman


"My husband and I were very apprehensive about sending our daughter to nursery school after we had a horrific and life threatening experience at daycare center. However, the loving staff at Lollipop Tree Nursery School restored our faith by providing Valarie with a safe environment that nurtures her curiosity and fosters her social, emotional, and academic growth. My husband and I were astonished when Valarie came home singing her ABC's after attending the program for less than two weeks. In addition to being pleased with our daughter's academic progress, my husband and I were really at ease when we discovered that each staff member believes the entire student body is their responsibility and not just the students in their own class. Every staff member including the directors knows my daughter's name, they go above and beyond to meet her needs and develop a relationship with our family. We feel privileged and truly blessed that our daughter's educational journey began at Lollipop Tree Nursery School."
-Karen Lawson

"Both our daughters attend Lollipop Tree Nursery School."

"Before attending Lollipop Tree our 4 year old was going to a daycare center and was not very happy when we would drop her off in the morning. Since September 2009 when she started Lollipop there is no looking back. She loves attending the school. She is very happy with the school and very comfortable with her teachers. They are just amazing! There has been a huge value addition in both her intellectual and social skills. The school activities, projects and school trips are terrific and very educational. Our children are learning in a safe and nurturing environment."

"This is the first school experience for our 2 year old. She has not looked back since Day 1. Her teachers are just great! She is learning so much under their guidance and mentions them all the time at home. She’s learning her colors, animals, plus much more, and her love for books has increased tremendously. We have seen a huge change in her social skills as well."

"We take advantage of the flexible extended day program in the morning and the afternoon. The kids really love spending time at the school. Our 4 year old is enrolled in the Science and Math program which we highly recommend."

"We strongly believe that our children are receiving a great foundation to help them succeed with their educational journeys. Every staff member and teacher at the school is amazing and very caring."

"We feel very comfortable with our kids attending Lollipop Tree Nursery School. We will recommend this school to everyone."

-Sandeep and Shivani Anand

"We came from Chile because of my husband’s studies. We were very afraid about the cultural changes, language barriers, and entering our daughter into preschool especially in a foreign country. The very first time we visited Lollipop Tree Nursery School we fell in love with it. The facility was clean, inviting and full of energy. The teachers and directors were so welcoming to my wife & I and our daughter. We felt right at home. We both knew the school would be perfect for our daughter. The children were having so much fun. My daughter, who did not speak a word of English when she started school, adjusted well. She was enjoying learning, playing with new friends, and she even started to speak in both English and Spanish.
We highly recommend Lollipop Tree Nursery School to local and foreign parents. Unfortunately, we are moving back to Chile. We will miss Lollipop Tree Nursery School very much. It is a very warm and friendly preschool."

-Fran and Diego Illanes
"My two year old twin boys, Robert and Quilty went to the Lollipop tree school in 2012."

"My two year old twin boys, Robert and Quilty went to the Lollipop tree school in 2012. Being very shy at first, they were given such a warm welcome by the school’s director, Jon Scher and two of the finest teachers and caregivers I have ever met, Miss Sue and Miss Cindy. They made my boys feel comfortable and showed them school was a place where they could be themselves and be creative. It was exactly the type of activity they needed when they were ready to have their first school experience. It was not overwhelming, the classrooms and class sizes are just the right proportion and fit for a two year old."

"My sons still talk about their teachers and all the fun projects and ideas they learned about while they were at Lollipop. A lot of thought and preparation goes into the projects for the students. They learned by creating works of art, reading special books, theme days and participating in gym days with the staff from MY GYM who came to the school. All the teachers and staff at the school are kind, caring and make it a priority to get to know each student’s needs and treat them as individuals."

"I would highly recommend Lollipop Tree Nursery School for Moms and Dads who want a safe, creative and fun environment for their toddlers and pre-schoolers. Lollipop Tree Nursery School will always be our favorite school!"
"My two year old twin boys, Robert and Quilty went to the Lollipop tree school in 2012."

-Irene O’Connor
Mom of Robert and Quilty
Anchor of Channel 3 Eyewitness News This Morning

"Our son just graduated after three amazing years at Lollipop Tree. We could not have been more impressed with every teacher he had. He has learned more than we could have imagined and socially he has grown into quite the little man. Thank you to Lollipop Tree and all of his amazing teachers! We will always be grateful for the unbelievable preschool experience you have given to William."

-Shana & Steve Waxman
"Our experience at Lollipop has been nothing short of wonderful."

"My husband and I were anxious about our son entering the 2 year old program. His teachers, Ms. Linda and Ms. Cathy calmed our nerves and welcomed Matthew will open arms. Matthew loved going to school and interacting with his peers and teachers. We witnessed a distinct difference in Matthew from September to June all because of the caring and nurturing classroom that Ms. Linda and Ms. Cathy created for all of their students. While he loved everything he did at Lollipop, watching Frozen with his friends was #1. Thank you to Mr. Jon, Ms. Cathy, Ms. Linda and all of the staff at Lollipop for making this year so wonderful for Matthew (and his parents)."

-Molly & Ben Towne

"Mr. Jon, I’ve been meaning to write to you about something I observed while at Kindergarten parent orientation. The teachers gave parents a nice presentation of what the school day will be like. I was surprised and happy to hear the teachers say that one of the first things they will do when they get to the classroom is have free time to draw, read, or write in their journals (gee, isn’t that what Aaron is already doing at lollipop tree ?). They will talk about calendar days, weather, and have the kids be leaders for various activities (sound familiar? Aaron has already been exposed to this at lollipop tree). I was very happy to hear many of the things taught at lollipop tree nursery school will help Aaron adjust to kindergarten life. The classroom size in South Windsor will be a little higher so Aaron will have to learn how to deal with increased social interactions and figure out how to handle receiving less attention from his teachers. The nurturing personalized attention Aaron received from his teachers was nothing short of remarkable. At least some of the activities he will experience in Kindergarten he is already familiar with! Thank you for the curriculum you have chosen. I think it will pay off for a smooth transition into Kindergarten for Aaron."

"I have enjoyed being part of the Lollipop Tree Nursery School family. From the first year with Ms. Yasmind and Ms. Drea to our final year with Ms. Palermino and Mrs. Barnard Aaron has learned a ton and has grown socially and emotionally. I look forward to him carrying everything he has learned at your school to his future experiences. Mother’s Day Tea with the Pre-K class was especially memorable. Everyone must have worked so hard to put that on for the moms. It was nice to get away from a hectic work life to take a few moments to relax and share time with Aaron and his classmates. I look forward to graduation. I’m sure the Fab 5 and Ms. Palermino and Mrs. Barnard have nothing short of something wonderful and exciting planned!"

-Yushen Michelsen