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For Children Age 6 Weeks - Prekindergarten

160 Mohegan Drive
West Hartford, CT 06117

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7:30am - 5:30pm
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I love coming to Lollipop Tree Nursery School because....

I love playing with all the toys and learning all about our different units especially the ones with animals.

I love reading and learning each day.

Friends, Friends, Friends.

I love running, jumping, rolling around, and climbing in the gym room.

I love the playground and playing outside on the swings.

I love my Teachers and Mr. Jon & Ms. Tracy.

Winter Nature Walks.

I can sing and dance around.

I get Big Hugs.

We get to do really cool art projects and science experiments.

I learn something new every day.

I'm learning to speak Spanish.

Pretending to be a singer and dressing up is so much fun.

A teacher asks a 4 year old boy, What are you thankful for? His reply: Lollipop Tree.

Funny Thoughts from a Preschooler...

A child assessing his/her own reading skills:
"I know how to read, but I read funny".

Question: What would you like to be when you grow up?
Answer: "I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I used to want to be a police officer, but the bad guys can get you."

"I can't stop dancing, I still have the wiggles in my belly" says a child during free play time.

Talking about the classes writing ability:
"We are big girls, so we don't do sloppy copy".

How do you catch a Gingerbread Man?
"I would run as fast as a Cricket"

"My Brain is working so hard that it's making my skin hot".

A child goes home and tells his mother that Cake is a number. So the parent with her child standing by her side asks the teacher,
"Is Cake a number?" The teacher replies, "No, but Pi is".

A child who is missing some pieces of her puzzles tells her teacher.
"I know what we need to do, we need to improvise".

After learning about Christopher Columbus in school a child tells his mother
"Christopher Columbus I Spied America".

"When someone is sad I use silly words, like cactus to make my friends laugh."

After discussing how Spring can come in like a Lion or a Lamb. One of our Pre-Kindergarten children turned to the teacher and said,
"You know what, I came in today like a Lamb, but I am leaving like a Lion".

"My eyes have eye covers."

"I wasn't doing anything and my Dad said I was driving him LOCO."

"A Friend means you want to play with them."